September 2013

We were delighted to attend Drinktec 2013 on the Lancer stand. Visitors to the stand learnt how our latest beer line cleaning technologies, Beer SellOff and Auto Keg-Changer can help maximise profits.

August 2013

Lord's Cricket Ground Installs SellOff

English cricket had a great season at Lord's this year. The grounds, catering and bar staff also had a win with Beer SellOff. Installed on 64 beer lines, SellOff is reducing beer wastage by up to 320 pints before the lines are cleaned to perfection using our portable line cleaner, PLCS.

July 2013

Gibney's, the famous north county Dublin pub, has joined the growing number of tier one Irish pubs to install SellOff.

Installed on sixteen beer-lines, SellOff will reduce beer wastage due to line cleaning by approximately 1,232 pints per annum. The staff at Gibney's have traditionally managed beer wastage due to line cleaning using manual methods. However, in busy pubs like Gibney's, manual methods are not always effective and wastage can remain high. With SellOff, bar managers can shut down and sell off beer in the line from the bar with the simple press of a button. The simplicity of operation is the key to the success of QualFlows's automated beer sell off system.

June 2013

Botanic Inn Installs Beer SellOff On Forty Lines

Located in Belfast’s University district the iconic Botanic Inn, or Bot as it is known locally, installed Qualflow’sBeer SellOffsystem to help reduce the high cost of cleaning its beer lines.

Since installation on forty beer lines, SellOffhas helped staff reduce beer-line cleaning wastage by up to 90%. With over forty lines requiring regular cleaning, managing the sale of beer in the lines before cleaning has not been practical using manual methods. SellOffhas solved this problem by eliminating all manual intervention. Staff can now turn line cleaning wastage into beer sales at the touch of a button.

January 2013

Irish Times New Innovator Article

The quality of beer-line hygiene has an important impact on the taste of a pint, but keeping the lines clean is expensive in terms of time and money. In addition, the manual cleaning processes in use...

September 2012

New Beer SellOff™ system makes cleaning affordable without compromising beer quality. 

QualFlow’s Beer SellOff™ is the first fully automated beer sell off system that can turn losses from beerline cleaning into sales. Available this summer, Beer SellOff helps pubs drive down the cost of maintaining good beerline hygiene.

Unlike other systems that claim to save money by reducing the need to clean beerlines regularly, Beer SellOff reduces line cleaning costs without compromising on the quality delivered by regular line cleaning.  Moreover, because clean beer lines deliver quality beer, customer satisfaction, loyalty and therefore sales, increase.

Beer SellOff is simple to operate using a one touch selector located in the bar. This means that staff can simply and conveniently select the lines they want to use for sell off. Beer SellOff’s automation allows bar staff manage the shutdown and sell off of products in a controlled and practical way.

This is unlike other beer-saver systems, that require manual intervention and frequent trips to the cellar.

March 2012

Major Irish brewer equips service team with Qualflow’s beerline cleaning technology.

A major Irish brewer has just completed equipping its entire field services team with 200 of Qualflow’s portable beer line cleaning systems (PLCS). The PLCS replaces the traditional wash bottle to deliver improved productivity and better beerline hygiene.

On a monthly basis the PLCS systems  are used to clean over 104,000 beer lines. This represents over one million line cleaning procedures in a year. The shear scale of the line-cleaning operation is a testament to the robustness and quality of the company’s equipment.

The project was one of QualFlow's major success stories last year and is the culmination of a major scope of work that included: 

• Co-design of a new beerline cleaning process with the brewer.
• Development and evaluation of the new process at multiple venues, pubs, hotel bars and restaurants.
• Rollout of the PLCS technology including new process and equipment training to the brewers quality team.
• Ongoing validation of the new line cleaning process and PLCS equipment performance.

Project results to date demonstrate that the PLCS delivers improved productivity, better line hygiene and serve quality compared to the traditional wash bottle.

June 2011

QualFlow’s new automatic keg changer dispenses 270  pints in under half an hour.

QualFlow have developed an automatic keg changer with integrated e-FOB for automatic priming between keg changes. The Auto-KegChanger allows automatic changeover of up to 3-kegs to provide uninterrupted beer dispense in outlets where serve time is at a premium  such as sport stadiums, entertainment arenas, and large clubs and pubs.

Auto-KegChanger works with conventional dispense and  fast pour systems including Niagara Dispensing Technologies ExacTap. In recent operation at the Roundhouse in London the keg changer and ExacTaps dispensed 270 pints of larger beer in 27 minutes or just over a keg of beer every 9 minutes.